Thursday, 16 June 2011

Choose Your Own Adventure Project - Day 3

Today was a day filled with recording craziness! I have to say, I am extremely impressed with the creativity and effort that my teams of 3 put in today - SO many great / weird / surprising collaborations between teams to help make their videos even more awesome!

Materials and Equipment
1. (2) Flip Video Cameras
2. Spare batteries for Flip cameras
3. The CYOA Planning handout from previous days

The Process
1. As students worked with their groups to finish up / tweak their storyboarding, I gave each table of 6 students (2 teams at a table) one of the Flip cameras and instructed them to work together and help each other with recording their different scenes.
2. I also told the teams that in their handout there was a blank page for planning out and discussing tricky bits of dialogue. If there was grammar or word choice questions, I asked them to write it down there and come and show me. I told them that I did NOT want a script for each scene! Besides taking too long to prepare, it would make their delivery all stilted and awkward. They all agreed that this was a VERY good decision to make :-)
3. Finally, I explained where I wanted them to save all their videos on the network and how I wanted them to name each video according to the numbering on the Storyboarding part of the handout (this part was actually completed by self-selected members from each team / table after class had wrapped up).
4. Students got to work and were recording and working together for the entire rest of the time. We'll need to continue a little bit next class, but we'll have most of the videos ready to upload in another day or so!

The Sharing
Their videos will be uploaded within a couple of days and then they can work on annotating / linking them up into a complete CYOA video adventure!

Stay tuned for more!

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