Thursday, 16 June 2011

Choose Your Own Adventure Project - Day 2

For this part of the project I split my class of 12 students into groups of 3, gave each a copy of the CYOA Planning handout and helped them get a handle on what they needed to do. It worked extremely well!

Material and equipment
1. 1 copy of the CYOA Planning handout for each student.

The Process
1. Like I said, I put the students into groups of 3 and gave each students a copy of the CYOA Planning handout. This redundancy will be handy in case of the occasional absent body from a group for our next class - each student made a copy of their plan.
2. I wanted to keep my students indoors, so I limited their story problems to things that could happen at school (eg: You're 25 minutes late for class. What do you do?). I explained that we'd brainstorm a few and then they would develop a few more in their groups. After that, they would choose one and fill in the crazy storyboard with all the arrows in the CYOA Planning handout.
3. We brainstormed a few of school- related problems together on the board and then I turned my teams loose and circulated to offer advice or assistance as needed. As my class is all adults, some of the possible story endings were getting a wee bit, um, "adult" in nature, but still, they were very creative!
4. In our one hour time slot, most of the groups did not completely finish their storyboarding, which was fine. We're not in a rush and I wanted them to not feel stressed.

The Sharing
1. Most of the sharing today happened between the groups at each table. There was a lot of "Oh! That's an awesome idea - we could do something like that here in our story". At some point I may get inspired to scan and post a completed storyboard from one of my teams, but for now I'm just going to wait and see where this project takes us.

In our next class, we're going to be starting to record each scene in their storyboarded plans. It promises to be chaos, but glorious, productive chaos!

Oh, by the way, I took one plan from each group and made a copy for myself - I wanted to see if I could spot any potential difficulties and help preempt them, but they were all quite solid and made sense.

Until next time!
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