Monday, 1 August 2011

Power Speaking Music Videos - Finished!

Sorry for the delay in posting this! We actually wrapped up last week. What a block! It's been super busy, but I feel this project was worth every second of time we spent on it together. The groups have finished their projects and have also finished their video feedback of the project. No other project I have done has received so much applause from students in the lounge at lunchtime, and no other project has been requested by so many students for the next block .

The big question occupying space in my brain is what am I going to do with my next class? Stay tuned to find out!

To get feedback, I gave students a list of questions about the project I wanted them to answer. They wrote down some notes about what they wanted to say, had a partner read the questions aloud during the video and looked at their notes while answering . It's all a bit stilted, but I've found that leaving it too open-ended doesn't result in a lot of useful feedback.
We had 1 semi-operational lab that was booked solid, so they had to do the editing on their laptops. 3 different versions of Movie Maker later, and we were ALL highly unimpressed by the hassles. It didn't help that we were under some pretty strong deadline pressure, but they still managed to get it done.
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