Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Power Speaking Music Videos - Day 2

Today was the big day - choosing groups, choosing songs and then starting to put it all together.

Materials and Equipment
1. Lyric sheets for all the songs from Day 1 (3 copies of each plus 1 for you)
2. Coloured paper, scissors, tape, chart paper and markers
3. Write all the song names on the board before class begins

The Process
1. I put my students into groups of three. Sometimes this is less painful than letting try to decide themselves
2. I dealt every student a card from a standard deck of playing cards. Next I had students in their groups choose the highest card amongst their group members (so now there were just 4 cards - 1 from each group). I had these students show their cards and then go to the board and choose the song for their group. The highest card went first, the lowest card went last - there was a LOT of good-natured begging and pleading at this point as students tried to negotiate to get the song they wanted for their group members.
3. I gave each group copies of the lyrics for the song they had chosen and explained how to read them, especially the parts where the chorus repeats itself.
4. I asked the groups to go through the lyrics and think of one gesture they could do for each line of the song. They could be as creative as they wanted to be and I reminded them that they would need to lip-synch the song too, so they should start getting used to the song while working (in other words, play it over and over again).
5. I showed students all the craft supplies, told them they could make or use anything they wanted in their music video and then moved each group to a separate spot around the school where their songs wouldn't disturb anyone and set them to work.
6. While they were working, I circulated to offer suggestions or assistance as well as help with any wacky vocab and grammar problems that came up. This was extremely creative and productive! We'll need another class to get this stuff done before we start recording. That's when the craziness will REALLY begin!

The Sharing
I'm kicking myself for not getting some pictures of today to share. I'll try to grab a camera tomorrow and snap some pics of all the awesome ideas my students have come up with so far!

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